Excursions on the island of Santo Antão

Day trips

Together we try to create a schedule to offer an unforgettable holiday for our guests. For most walks you have a car that brings you to the starting point, we try to organize this with different guests in our stay – so the cost of the car can be shared-you do therefore not to walk together ... We recommend not to rent a car, there it start and end points of the walks usually vér may consist of 1 and you the most beautiful of the walks is missing.

Full Day

Ribeiras das Patas +The western part of the Island – Der westliche Tel der Insel

85 € (without dinner) - Max. 10 pers.

The western part of the island has remained the most authentic (although the rest of the island still has great authenticity). Life here is hard because it seldom rains. But what surprises await you !

We recommend to do this tour on the day of departure to Santo Antão. The day of departure in the afternoon by Ferry, so your day is filled with useful a pleasant excursion. With a driver speaks Engl Dinner à Babylonia(+/- 12 € pp)

Hiking Tours (Guide not always necessary – guide poss)

1.The tour starts on 1300 meters altitude in the old Cova-crater, the largest volcano crater on Santa Antão. First you walk on the crater walls, and then along a beautiful zigzagpad to descend to the Paúl Valley.

2. You start at the coast of Ponta do Sol and walk westward along a breathtaking route winding along cliffs above the ocean via the old pirate village Fontainhas to Cruzinha. Or to the small fishing village Chã the Igreja, where a cute little church.

3. The tour starts in Faja da Cima, also called Água das Caldeiras, on 1500 meters altitude. You walk along a beautiful road with agricultural terraces and cottages on ridges and hilltops to the Valley of Ribeira da Torre – Xõxo

4. Lombo Branco-you start on 900 m altitude with a wonderful view of the coast of Ponta de Sol. You pull to Monte Joana, a mountain village with traditional stone cottages, agricultural terraces and Dragon trees. On the way you ...

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With a gedipl. Teacher can you villages on search, different you will not find… Material and Prof. help assured.

Boat trip –Fishing on the Atlantic…

As the ocean allows, can a boat trip or fishing are possible…