The B&B

Our rooms

We have 10 spacious rooms with a private bathroom (w/c water), walk-in shower – and a cozy private balcony.

The rooms are equipped with King-size beds, all beds can be used as double bed (Special pillow) or if Twinn (beds can apart) – Bed sheets, blankets, towels (also for the swimming pool), hairdryer. The cabinets can be closed.

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Swimmingpool, Bar and Recreation

The swimmingpool is only for the guests of our stay and is daily cleaned by an employee of Coração.

This space is equipped with Free Wi-Fi – Games – Bib –.. Live music on occasion.

In this space depends also on a map of the island of Santo Antão where we can show our customers where the walks are and where we can give the necessary tourist information.

Massage - Solarium

After a day's walking, you can let yourself be pampered by our masseuse that a complete massage, foot or legs, back massage – with essential oils and scents of Eucalyptus,.. Coconut oil. can give with soothing music playing in the background.

On the roof there is place to relax and enjoy the Sun ...

Panoramic view ot the Atlantic Ocean…

Breakfast can both inside and outside.. with a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain range that surrounds Ponta do Sol..


Our staff consists of 1 gérante that keeps everything in good jobs, a young man who works every day and the pool all Refurbisher cleanse, 3 young ladies that make it anywhere is neat, breakfast buffet,.. and always friendly and helpful with the guests. And our driver/guide Jorge where we already work together in the beginning.

personeel jorge