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Coração Ponta do Sol B&B

Discover the pearls in Atlantic Ocean, one of the newest holiday destinations: Cape Verde-Cape Verde.

And at each island has its own charm ...

Both in winter and in the summer the temperatures are ideal! Never too hot and never cold, some people talk about a ' rainy season ' but that's not it, nl. 15 days – usually between late August and October depending on the location.

We, Wim & Hilde Van Belle – Velasquez live already from 22 May 2011 at one of the most beautiful islands of Cabo Verde, nl. Santo Antão.

Santo Antão is a wonder of the world for hikers, adventurers and bon vivants.

Our family Guest House enjoys a quiet location (400 m from the city centre), just at the entry to the authentic fishing village of Ponta do Sol, the place from which all walks are easiest to reach.

Our accommodation is totally new and consists of 10 spacious rooms. After the walks our guests use of the swimming pool, have a drink in. ..

wim en hilde